Southwest Washington Woodturners is renting 500 square feet of the space which was previously the Share Day Center. In that space, the Woodturners will offer workshops, classes and seminars on the art and craft of turning out beautiful bowls, pens, and other hand crafted wood items.

The Woodturners are very happy to continue this great relationship we have built through the years with Friends of the Carpenter,” said Adam Luna, club president. “We are pleased about this opportunity to open our R.E. Vaughn School of Woodturning in our new space, which is equipped with eight lathes and tools. We will offer one day classes led by master wood turners on a regular basis, plus our monthly meetings are open to all, from novices to experts, interested in learning more about the art of wood turning. Come check us out; I promise you will have the best time in front of the lathe. There is nothing like the satisfaction of creating a unique hand-made piece!

For more information about SWWT and their schedule of classes, call 360-887-8963, email or visit Their next classes are scheduled for Friday, June 28th, and Saturday, July 27th, 2019. The club meets on the fourth Thursday of each month, 7 to 9 p.m., in their new space.