Volunteer Orientation/Training Classes — PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED

December 16th

6 pm-7 pm

Friendship Center 1600 W. 20th Street.

Contact Tod@friendsofthecarpenter.org | Phone 360-750-4752 option #1

Friends of the Carpenter is seeking caring, compassionate people to volunteer at our Friendship Center.  Friends of the Carpenter welcomes everyone…after all, we call it the Friendship Center for a reason! We are seeking people who can lovingly bring their passion for service, their caring for others, their skill at building relationships and their willingness to love people where they are and for who they uniquely are.

Friends of the Carpenter provides safety, structure and purpose to vulnerable members of our community.  We serve people who are homeless, people with varied abilities, veterans, school groups, and community groups.  We do this through the medium of woodworking and carpentry.  We shape and build with wood…but we change lives with love.

Help us change lives with love.  Here are positions needing filled now.

  1. Receptionist/Hospitality-greet people, answer phones, check people in.
  2. Shop Assistants-help keep shop organized, clean and help as needed.
  3. Guitar and/or musicians for devotion music.
  4. Devotion Leaders-individuals to lead worship and inspirational time.
  5. Product Room Organizers-clean, organize, catalog products for sale.
  6. Table Host/Activities Asst.-help guests and engage in activities, kit projects and fun!
  7. Outreach-willing to share with groups, churches, and businesses our mission of love.
  8. Woodworkers

To pre-register contact Tod Thayer, Executive Director at 360-750-4752 or tod@friendsofthecarpenter.org